Webinar - The Two-Way Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus - How do we Assess, Treat and Manage these patients? By Students, for Students

16.06.2021, 7:00pm-8:30pm

The webinar is free for members and students, non member charges are £20 Hygienist/Therapsit, £30 Dentist.

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However, booked participants will be able to view the webinar after the event on the BSP website.  You will be notified when the recorded presentation is available for viewing.

1.5 hours CPD is offered to all delegates who have booked and viewed the webinar. Bookings must have been made through the BSP website, non-members will need their booking reference number to obtain CPD. Evaluation form and CPD certificates will be available after the event on the website.  



  1. To understand the impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Periodontal Disease

  2. To understand the impact of Periodontal Disease on Diabetes Mellitus 

  3. To understand how to treat Periodontal Disease for patients with Diabetes Mellitus

  4. To understand the oral and physiological signs and symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus and tests to carry out from a dental perspective

  5. To understand how to manage a Diabetic Emergency in the dental chair


  1. To explain Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 and 2)

  2. To explain the signs and symptoms of a patient with Diabetes Mellitus in a dental setting and the tests to carry out if suspected 

  3. To explore the mechanisms of how Diabetes Mellitus can affect Periodontal Disease

  4. To explore the mechanisms of how Periodontal Disease can affect Diabetes Mellitus

  5. To explain whether treatment and management for Periodontal Disease differs for a patient with Diabetes Mellitus

  6. To understand the importance of being trained to manage a diabetic emergency e.g. hypoglycaemia and what signs/symptoms to look out for




Ms Raina Palit

Raina Palit is a Fourth Year Student from the University of Sheffield, UK. She has held her role as BSP Student Representative for Sheffield since September 2019. Raina has a passion for sharing her experiences as a dental student through her Instagram page and YouTube channel ‘RainaOnTheCusp’. She has helped hundreds of aspiring dental school applicants, released a 60-page dental school interview guide downloaded by over 1000 students and created widely accessible content giving advice for the UCAT, personal statement and interview process. Raina advocates for lifelong learning and taking opportunities as a dental student, as demonstrated by delivering this talk on an important topic that is not always discussed in depth at dental school. 


Ms Mowlni Uthayakumaran

Mowlni Uthayakumaran is a Final Year Student from the University of Sheffield, UK. She has been a Sheffield BSP Student Representative since September 2019. Prior to studying dentistry, she graduated with a BEng (Hons) from Queen Mary University of London in Dental Materials in 2016. Outside of dentistry, she enjoys taking part in dance and music shows. She plays a South-Indian derived stringed instrument called the veena and enjoys baking. She loves sharing her knowledge to help other dental students and hopes tonight all of you will learn about the importance of Diabetes and its relation to Periodontal Disease.