BSP Undergraduate Group

In 2019, one of our strategic aims was to further support undergraduate students and help them develop their knowledge of periodontology and implant dentistry. Our long-term goal being to support all levels of members, from early in their career until retirement.

A New Generation of Representatives

We have Undergraduate membership and annual awards and prizes for research, thereby reflecting our commitment to progression and innovation. In addition, we have now appointed 2 Dental Students and 1 Hygiene/Therapy Student from each UK Dental/Hygiene Therapy School to be BSP Undergraduate Representatives.

The first BSP Undergraduate meeting took place at King's College, London on Friday 14th June 2019. It was a great opportunity for the newly appointed representatives to meet each other, learn more about the BSP and talk about our area of specialty. 

This amazing video, created by Abigail Eades, BSP Undergraduate Representative from the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy, explains some of the benefits to joining and the simple online process.

BSP Undergraduate Committee 2022/23

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Gamze Eroglu

University of Aberdeen

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Past Chair

Brinder Singh Shergill

"By Students, For Students" Webinars

In February 2019, we hosted the first “by Students, for Students" webinar. Presented by students from the University of Bristol, the free student event was a huge success. We were incredibly proud of the student team for working so hard on this initiative and presenting such a professional and informative webinar. We had over 700 listening live on the night, with many dental schools screening the webinar to groups of students in lecture theatres. 
Reflecting on the incredibly positive feedback, the BSP further encouraged these educational practices of peer learning in which students interact with each other to develop their understanding and knowledge of periodontology and have since hosted several more student webinars. 

"By Students, For Students" Webinars:

  • March 2019 - The New Periodontal Classification - The University of Bristol
  • October 2019 - SDCEP Changing Patient Behaviour - The University of Dundee
  • April 2020 - Use of local and systemic antimicrobials in periodontal disease - The University of Birmingham
  • July 2020 - The Aetiology, Diagnosis and treatment of the Perio-Endo lesion - The University of Manchester
  • June 2021 - The Two-Way Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus - The University of Sheffield
  • November 2021 -  Stress and wellbeing within the dental profession - The University of Portsmouth

We look forward to working with other dental schools as part of our educational programme for next year. We hope that these webinars will inspire Undergraduates and help us to develop the future generation of our specialty.

UK Dental Schools - BSP Undergraduate Representatives 2022

Aberdeen Institute of Dentistry

  • Sinduja Saravanabavan  
  • Luka Van Wees

Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

  • Claire Louise Willders
  • Liliana Sharon Wolde 
  • Demi Kaur Bains

Birmingham Dental Hospital, School of Dentistry, Hygiene and Therapy

  • Zulikha Fazelhagh
  • Madison Lynott- May 

Belfast: Queen's University of Belfast, School of Dentistry


Bristol Dental Hospital & School

  • Maida Sohail 
  • Taha Alibhai

Cardiff University School of Dentistry

  • Emily Reaich
  • Lara Phillips

Dundee Oral Health Sciences, Division of Restorative Dental Sciences, Dental Hospital & School


Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre, Hygiene and Therapy

  • Hiba Ahmed

Edinburgh Dental Institute, The University of Edinburgh

  • Serena Boles 

Essex: Oral Health Sciences, University of Essex

  • Madison Posner
  • Nisha Kaur

Glasgow:University of Glasgow Dental School

  • Aislin Marr 

Inverness, UHI School of Oral Health Science


Kings College, London: School of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Therapy

  • Nima Kazempour

Leeds: School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine & Health University of Leeds


Liverpool: School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool

  • Charlotte Dobbs
  • Posey Jolly
  • Karun Saini

Manchester: Oral Health Science Dental School, University of Manchester

  • Teresa Baskeran 
  • Renee Tapon 
  • Saima Hussain 

Newcastle University, School of Dental Sciences

  • Malaika Ahmed 
  • Megan Dillon 
  • Millie Samways

Peninsula Dental School (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry), University of Plymouth

Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth Dental Academy

Preston: School of Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire


Salford: The Greater Manchester School for DCP's

Sheffield: School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield

Teesside University