Case Studies

The British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry invites its members to view clinical cases sent in by other members. It is hoped that these cases and more that follow may provide a discussion focus. The BSP would welcome other cases from its members; with the hope of building up a "library" of different cases which would make invaluable educational tools.

To send cases

The Education and Events Committee request case reports of relevance to periodontology and implantology for posting on the BSP website. The requirements for the case report are as follows:

  • The report should include information about the clinical condition before treatment, treatment undertaken and the outcome of treatment.

  • The report must be submitted in electronic format.

  • Each report should be restricted to 4 pages of A4 and can contain an unlimited number of clinical photographs or radiographs but the total document must not exceed the 4 page maximum.

  • It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that they have obtained appropriate signed consent from the patient.

If the BSP decide to publish a case report, it will remain the responsibility of the author to ensure that they have fully complied with all data protection and consent rules.

Case reports prepared for M. Clin. Dent., M.Sc. or intercollegiate M.R.D. examinations may be particularly suitable if adapted to an appropriate file size.

The report should be submitted to the BSP Honorary Editor, Dr Alex Pollard, and will be assessed before inclusion on the BSP website. To make initial contact use the contact form and we will put you in touch.

An honorarium of £100 will be paid for each posted case report. Please note that an individual is only permitted to submit one case study for consideration each year. The BSP will publish a maximum of three case studies in a year (Jan to Dec).