Career Pathways and Specialty Training

The British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry is passionate about furthering the skills of all clinicians, so that patients have access to high quality dentistry and periodontal care. In line with changing demographics and patient needs, there is a need to develop a skilled workforce who can manage periodontal conditions throughout the UK. The Early Career Group (ECG) supports dental care professionals of all levels who are seeking to further their skills and careers. We welcome clinicians at every stage of their career, including specialists, specialist trainees, general dentists, hygienists, therapists, postgraduates and undergraduates.

Career Development

We have collated information about courses, training pathways and the accreditation of performers of level 2 complexity treatments, formerly known as 'dentists with a special interest', which you will find below. We hope that you find this advice and documentation useful. 

The ECG welcomes any queries and are happy to help any member who may require further assistance.