Empowered Communication in Implant Dentistry


Course Overview

Want to understand more about human behaviour and learn effective tactics and skills for dealing with challenging communication situations using a universal framework?

Join the Women's Implantology Network and former Police Scotland Crisis Negotiator Cathy Macdonald to "Empower you Communication in Implant Dentistry".Cathy joined Tayside Police in 1983 and for 32 years proudly served as an operational officer throughout Scotland. A significant part of her career was dedicated to the world of hostage and crisis negotiation and Cathy was involved in all aspects of negotiation work deploying to kidnaps, extortion, sieges, protests, suicide interventions and any incident that required focused and precise communication. She advised Commanders in relation to negotiation tactics and was responsible for training negotiators both nationally and internationally. On completion of her police career in 2015, Cathy created The Art of Communication and now runs her own business sharing powerful and effective communication skills to individuals, teams and businesses. While entirely professional in her approach her presentations are delivered in a light hearted and engaging way and she loves bringing life and simplicity to the fascinating world of human behaviour and communication! We will work through situations that we all encounter in the workplace with specific consideration to implant related scenarios!
Course Aims
1. Introduce and describe a universal framework for communication and to explain how this can be used to connect, understand and communicate effectively with anyone in any situation
2. Explore common situations that cause anxiety within dentistry, with specific reference to implant related scenarios
3. Consider how human behaviour and emotions influence our communication
4. Teach more effective listening
5. Practice specific tactics used to reduce tension and increase communication effectiveness in challenging situations or with challenging people