10 things you should know about periodontitis and caries

The EFP has launched the Perio & Caries initiative, based on the outcomes of its Perio Workshop 2016. We will be posting on our website, here in the news section and via our social media platforms over the coming days.

Did you know...

Caries and periodontal diseases are the most common human diseases - and both are preventable. 

The burden of these diseases is high and increasing as the population ages. 

Dental professionals should be consulted regularly to prevent and treat caries and periodontal diseases effectively. 

Bleeding gums are not normal. Dental professionals should be consulted immediately.

The oral healthcare team can advise on weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise and controlling diabetes and glycaemia in general.

Periodontal disease should be seen as an indicator of general health issues

Education for oral health should target children, mothers-to-be, new mothers, care home workers and other caregivers

Oral health status in older individuals is influenced by their level of dependence, rather than by their chronological age.

Reducing sugar and starch intake levels and frequency is important in preventing periodontal disease and caries. Intake should be limited to mealtimes.

Brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste is essential and can also be supplemented with additional effective agents that reduce plaque, such as those found in mouthwash and toothpastes