A message from Early Career Group Chair, Dr Mitul Shah

I would like to begin by wishing all members a Happy New Year. I truly hope that everybody is coping under the current circumstances and that your family and loved ones are in good health.  

2020 was a notably disruptive period for the ECG and the BSP in general. Normal fixtures in the Events calendar, such as the Annual Conference, were sadly postponed and elements of our day to day lives were shifted to a virtual environment. With the restrictions that were imposed, the ECG were, unfortunately, unable to fulfil many of our intended plans and ambitions.  

I would like to formally thank Vipul Patel (Chair), Zehra Yonel (Academic Representative), Michael Paterson (NHS Representative), Anjana Sagar (Mono-specialty Representative), Jenny Walker (Hygiene/Therapy Representative) and Phillipa Hoyle (Social Media Representative) for all of the hard work they have put into their roles over the last two years.  

Looking forward, we have an exciting group of individuals keen to take the ECG to new heights. We are hard at work brainstorming ideas and our hopes are to offer valuable content for members of all backgrounds. We sincerely hope that we will be able to meet up in a safe manner later in the year and begin to offer face-to-face masterclasses and potentially (fingers crossed!) a social get-together.

As Chair of the ECG for the next two years, I hope to be the leader of an accountable, representative and approachable group. I welcome any suggestions and feedback on how we can further serve you going forward.