A message from the ECG Chair, Dr Vipul Patel

A very Happy New Year to everyone! 2020 is going to be Amazing!

Normally, it’s all change in the ECG ranks, but not this year… We have decided that 12 months was not enough time for committee members to make an appreciable impact on their roles so we have extended their terms to 24 months. Therefore, I welcome back Mitul Shah (Secretary), Anjana Sagar (Mono-speciality Rep), Zehra Yonel (Academic Rep), Philippa Hoyle (Social Media Officer), Michael Paterson (NHS Rep) and Jenny Walker (Hygiene/Therapy Rep). Thank you for your generosity to continue in your roles and I welcome the opportunity to work with such enthusiastic and dedicated individals for the good of the BSP.

The ECG Mucogingival Surgery Masterclass took place earlier this month and was a huge success. Dr Paul Baker and Dr Ian Dunn remarked on the fantastic group of delegates, and also wished to thank Dr Bobby Varghese and Dr Mitul Shah for their excellent assistance on the day.

Thanks to Prof Donos, Tamsin and the wider organising committee, we have an amazing BSP Conference lined up in London in April 2020, looking at Hard & Soft Tissue Regeneration. The ECG will be represented and I will be chairing an inspirational Q&A talk with the EFP President, Prof Filippo Graziani, which I hope will give the audience some food for thought.

I am also looking forward to the numerous educational Webinars lined up by eminent clinicians in our profession during 2020.

I thank everyone at the BSP for your recognitiion and support of the ECG and hope we bring you some fresh and unique insight into our profession for those still developing their professional careers.

I finish by humbly thanking Bobby Varghese for all that he helped achieve during his Chair in 2019 and am duly grateful for his continuing presence as ‘Past Chair’ in 2020. We now say farewell to our current past chair, Manoj Tank, and wish him well in his evolving professional career and thank him for all his service to the ECG.

As the Chair of the ECG in 2020 I will do my utmost to bring people together, motivate and inspire, facilitate change and hopefully have some fun!