BSP – Student Webinar

We were delighted with the success of this month’s webinar “The New Periodontal Classification, by Students, for Students.” The event was free to all students and aimed to discuss the BSPs implementation of the periodontal classification system which resulted from the 2017 World Workshop in Periodontology, as relevant to the undergraduate dental student.  We were incredibly proud of the student team from Bristol University for working so hard on this initiative and presenting such a professional and informative webinar.

We had hundreds listening live on the night, with many dental schools screening the webinar to groups of students in lecture theatres. The feedback we have received so far is that students learned a great deal by listening to fellow students explaining their approach to diagnosing periodontal disease and gingival conditions using the new system and would be keen to listen to future webinars aimed at undergraduates.

The BSP is keen to encourage these educational practices of peer learning in which students interact with other students to develop their understanding and knowledge of periodontology. It is hoped that students in other Dental Schools may be empowered to work with the BSP on a future webinar.