BSP - Early Career Group Committee

The BSP Early Career Group (ECG) is a vibrant network of like-minded dentists and dental professionals at the early stages of their careers, all of whom share a passion for and interest in periodontology and implant dentistry. The current ECG Committee have served a two-year term and are due to step down from their roles at the end of the year. Therefore, we need to find passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are keen to work as part of a team, to support our young membership and promote the work of the BSP.

The upcoming elections to the Committee of the Early Career Group is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with an ambitious group and be part of the future of the Society.

Self-nominations are invited from BSP members for the following Committee positions (posts run from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2024):

• Secretary
• Mono-specialty Representative
• Academic Representative
• NHS Representative
• Dental Hygiene and Therapy Representative
• Social Media Officer

Please refer to this link which explains the requirements, roles and responsibilities of the positions available. We encourage you to read this prior to applying for any role within the ECG.

The application form you must fill in to support your nomination can be found here; a completed application must include the following:

• Your name
• Name and contact details of BSP member to second your nomination
• Personal statement (400 words maximum please)
• CV

Please send your application and any supporting documents to the Executive General Manager, Paula Dunn:

If multiple nominations are received for any role, then the final decision of the successful candidate will rest with BSP Council.

Finally, the deadline for all applications is Monday 31st October 2022 at 5pm.