BSP - Helping you get back to work

We are all finding getting back to clinical dentistry very challenging and the BSP is looking at ways that we can support the profession. Next week we will launch a mini-masterclass series of free webinars to support you regarding hand instrumentation and non-AGP periodontal treatment.

As you know, the BSP worked with the OCDO England, specifically advising which aspects of periodontal care could be managed non-AGP while the risk levels in the community are still relatively high. In addition, the BSP has created the attached table to help you with the four steps outlined in the OCDO England SOP.  The document describes level of risk associated with each procedure and the appropriate PPE required.

The BSP have always taken the same position as the OCDO England in that there are effectively 2 levels of PPE that we have to consider, Non-AGP and AGP. The PPE required is set out by Public Health England and they have used “levels” in their documents. To avoid confusion, we have now mapped our document to the levels provided by PHE in the attached version 2. However, our position remains the same regarding which procedures are non-AGP and which are AGP. We hope that you find this helpful.

You can view the table HERE and it is also available to download from the Professionals, Publications page of our website:

If there is any additional support that you feel the BSP can provide, please contact Paula Dunn with your suggestions. (

We wish you well as you prepare to return to practice.