BSP launches Faculty

The BSP launched its Faculty at the Autumn Meeting in Birmingham in September 2014 

The BSP Faculty is a “virtual” faculty, membership of which is a mark of esteem within the UK periodontal community.  Its aim is to provide an expert group of educators who are formally recognised as capable of delivering high quality, evidence-based educational lectures and seminars in periodontology and implant dentistry.

Eligibility requires members to have delivered a BSP presentation at a national level, or several regional events, and to have received positive feedback from delegates as an indication of their knowledge and expertise.  This should be over a minimum period of 5 years.

Alternatively, members of the Faculty will have prepared substantial educational material in the form of textbooks or e-learning modules.

BSP members will be invited to become Faculty members by the President of the BSP, upon recommendation by Council.  Nominations should be made by a BSP Faculty member to the President of the BSP, along with support from 2 other BSP Faculty members. 

The current list of Faculty members is available here

For further information please contact Helen Cobley, Executive General Manager