BSP Poster Prize Competiton

The BSP hold an annual poster prize competition with two categories: Research and Clinical Case Report. The Prizes each take the form of a cash award of £500.

The poster must demonstrate either:

  • Original scientific research which has an application to periodontology. A systematic review cannot be submitted; or
  • Details of a clinical case which may have multi-disciplinary content but with the main theme being the periodontal management.

Work must be unpublished (with the exception of Conference abstracts).

Research Poster

This year we had three entrants for this category:

  • Chetan Mistry 
  • Jaymit Patel 
  • Mary Naa Barkor Ayettey-Adamafio         

The judges are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2020 Research Poster is Dr Mary Naa Barkor Ayettey-Adamafio.

Clinical Case Report Poster

This year we had four entrants for this category:

  • Dr Prabhu Manickam Natarajan                          
  • Josephine Bayliss Chapman
  • Mitul Shah                                 
  • Panayiotis Kaimakamis

The judges are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2020 Clinical Case Report Poster is Dr Mitul Shah.

All of the posters can be viewed here: