Clinical Survey for management of irreversible pulpitis in the UK

The Society has received a request for our UK dentist members to please assist with research currently being undertaken at the University of Dundee.

Thibault Colloc is a clinical lecturer, academic registrar in Endodontics and PhD student at the University of Dundee. Part of his PhD research project focuses on understanding the current practices and challenges associated with the management of irreversible pulpitis among dentists in the UK. 

The standard treatment recommended for permanent teeth, which are restorable but have irreversible pulpitis, is conventional root canal treatment. Emerging evidence and recent findings suggest that pulpotomy with calcium silicate-based cements could be a successful alternative intervention. Thibault has designed an online survey for UK dental practitioners to complete, to gain an understanding of the current management of irreversible pulpitis and your views on possible alternative treatment options.

The estimated time to complete the questionnaire is 10-15 minutes, so please take the time to help and support this important research if you are able to.

Survey Link:

If you have any question, please contact Thibault directly: