COVID-19 Dental Services Evidence Review (CoDER) Working Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the interruption of dental services across the world.  Attention is now focused on planning the re-opening and restructuring of dental services. To support decision making a working group, led by Professors Jan Clarkson and Craig Ramsay, conducted a rapid review of internationally produced guidance for re-opening dental services. Further information and a full copy of the review can be accessed via this link:

This rapid review collates and summarises recommendations from the various sources identified within five themes relevant to the re-opening of dental services: practice preparation, personal protective equipment, management of the clinical area, dental procedures and cleaning and disinfection. Please note that this review is not guidance. Despite robust evidence about COVID-19 being limited, it is hoped that this review will assist policy and decision makers in producing national guidance for their own settings.

We shall continue to keep you updated on the very latest developments.