Dental Software survey

There are a number of dental practice software applications available to use in daily clinical practice. Development of these software packages is an ever increasing and competitive market. Each software offers practices and clinicians a different user experience, and it is usually not one specific feature of the product, but a collection of them, which influences the decision to procure and implement a given software.

For practice principals and practice managers different analytical aspects of the software may be more useful and potentially more important to them than clinical features/tools. Conversely, for the clinician, we often judge how good a software is based on the nature of our practice, our clinical workflow, documentation needs and, of course, record keeping habits.

The clinical practice of periodontics and managing patients with periodontitis requires a dental software to easily allow recording of BPE scores, plaque scores, detailed periodontal pocket charting, ideally the ability to compare scores and pocket charts and a visual interface which is pleasing to the eye for both the clinician and the patient. Dental photography and radiographic images should be easy to import, export and again have a visual interface, which allows comparisons and, where appropriate, image manipulation. In some cases, the imaging aspect of dental software relies on the integration of a third-party software.

The BSP would like to find out more from its members about any challenges or suggestions for improvement of dental software they may be using. The software development industry can be difficult to influence but it is hoped that we can provide feedback to the industry by presenting collected views. We therefore invite you to take part in a short questionnaire to enable us to start understanding your views on the dental software you may be using in clinical practice.

Please click on the link to complete a short anonymous, questionnaire: TAKE SURVEY