Developing the long-term plan for the NHS

You may recall that we recently shared with our membership a survey from NHS England requesting feedback on their document, "Developing the long-term plan for the NHS". 

We were extremely disappointed to note that Dentistry did not feature in the NHS plan despite oral conditions having a systemic impact on other areas of health.

Dr Mark Ide, BSP President-Elect, responded to NHS England with a detailed document highlighting this oversight and with advice to aid them in their planning.

Writing on behalf of the BSP and its membership, Dr Ide stressed that good oral health is a central part of overall wellbeing and the ability to live healthily. In addition, it has been consistently shown that poor oral health, including periodontal health, is associated with a poorer Quality of Life and that treatment of such problems can help improve this.

Dr Ide has offered to meet with NHS England and we will keep you updated on developments.

This is just one of the unseen ways that the BSP works for the good of the membership and the profession on a regular basis.