Diabetes Guide

We wish to bring to your attention that The Office of Chief Dental Officer, and NHS England & NHS Improvement National Diabetes Prevention Programme have produced the commissioning standard: Dental Care for People with Diabetes.  This Commissioning Standard will support the local implementation of pathways for patients to enable the benefits of timely and effective periodontal management on oral health and importantly general health to be realised.  It recognises that people with type 2 and type 1 diabetes need to access effective dental care and that care pathways should be developed to support this. This will require local engagement between providers and commissioners of dental services and diabetes services, and the commissioning of dental services with the appropriate skills and competences to deliver the care required.

We consider this to be an important development in the care of patients with diabetes. The commissioning standard is a result of focussed work by and collaboration with OCDO and various bodies, including the BSP.

The BSP is looking forward to engaging with this new guidance and fully supports the rollout of this in primary and secondary care.

To download a copy of this standard visit: https://www.england.nhs.uk/primary-care/dentistry/dentistry-publications/#standards

You may also find it useful to view the papers and infographics on our website relating to periodontal disease and diabetes: https://www.bsperio.org.uk/professional/periodontal-disease-and-diabetes/index.html