EFP Classification toolkit

The EFP have launched a toolkit on their website relating to the 2017 Classification.

The toolkit – available at perioclassification.efp.org – comprises five guidance notes and four expert presentations, with infographics and videos to be added later. Also available are the introduction and consensus reports of the 2017 World Workshop on the Classification of Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases and Conditions, which form the basis of the material in the toolkit.

The five guidance notes cover:

  • Periodontal health and gingival diseases and conditions (written by Iain Chapple);
  • Periodontitis (Mariano Sanz and Maurizio Tonetti);
  • Periodontitis: Clinical decision tree for staging and grading (Mariano Sanz and Maurizio Tonetti);
  • Systemic and other periodontal conditions (Søren Jepsen);
  • Peri-implant health, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis (Tord Berglundh).

The four presentations, written by the same authors, cover: Periodontal health and gingival diseases and conditions; periodontitis; systemic and other periodontal conditions; peri-implant health, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis.

The BSP advise all UK dental professionals to use the BSP Implementation guidance in practice, however, you may wish to refer to the EFP toolkit for research purposes.

The BSP decision-making flowchart (algorithm) to help practitioners to adapt to the new classification is available to download for free on our website: https://www.bsperio.org.uk/publications/index.php

You can also view our series of four World Workshop Webinars for free on the Professionals- Publications page of our website: https://www.bsperio.org.uk/publications/index.php