EFP - Help Ukraine campaign

In times of humanitarian crises, like the one happening currently in Ukraine, many of us are wondering how we can help the people in need. The EFP has therefore launched a donation campaign, in collaboration with the WHO Foundation, aiming to help deliver urgent healthcare to people across Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries affected by this crisis.

As a European academic organisation within health and medicine, the EFP felt it was only natural to react and organise this humanitarian action. The EFP has set a goal of €30,000 to be raised in this campaign, which is targeting the members of the 37 EFP-affiliated national societies of periodontology and anyone from our community who would like to donate. This is only 2 € per member.

The EFP website contains full information on how to donate: VIEW EFP WEBSITE

The BSP has made a donation to this worthy cause and we would encourage our members to also help if you are able to contribute.