EFP Perio Master Clinic Antwerp 2023: Perio-ortho synergy - call for case videos

The organising committee of the EFP Perio Master Clinic 2023: Perio-ortho synergy has opened the stage for you to present your case pitch! This is a fantastic opportunity and we would encourage all BSP members to consider applying. 

They are calling for you to present your case in Englaish in a maximum 3-minute long videos in MPEG format. Requested case pitches are on the following 6 topics:

1) Orthodontic treatment in periodontally compromised patients

2) Periodontal regeneration and orthodontics

3) Muco-gingival surgery in orthodontically treated patients (impacted tooth periodontal management)

4) Implantology in orthodontics, dealing with agenesis

5) Orthodontic digital planning

6) Accelerated orthodontics. (use of mini screws/plates/implant/piezocision/corticotomies)

Please send in your video before March 1st 2022 to the EFP European co-ordinator (monica@efp.org), for the attention of the PMC committee.

Selection of the cases (1 per topic) will be made by the PMC scientific committee, based on the quality of the case and the lecture. You will be informed on your selection in April 2022. If selected you will be invited to present your case in a 15 minute time frame life on the 4th EFP Perio Master Clinic in Antwerp on March 3-4 ,2023 in Antwerp, Belgium and your registration to the conference will be for free.