For NHS Consultant staff: ACCEA Clinical Excellence Awards round now open

As you are no doubt aware, the 2008 round of ACCEA has commenced. BSP has been recognised as a specialist organisation from which citations in support of consultant members will be accepted. A copy of the guide to applications can be obtained from the DoH website. All consultant members are also advised to check that their own entry on the ACCEA roll is correct, and should update if necessary. For the 2008 round, candidates will apply at a single level - Bronze (Level 9) , Silver (Level 10), Gold (Level 11) or Platinum. If you wish to have a citation from BSP, please send an electronic copy of your application in order that the Society may be in a position to support you at the appropriate (national) level. Applications should be sent to . Applications should be submitted by 15.12.07 to give adequate time for BSP to process them. Support is given based on contributions to the speciality of Periodontology and to the Society. The society has a list of senior members (such as Professors Robin Seymour, Richard Palmer, Trevor Walsh and Martin Addy) together with a lay member (Rev Owen Higgs) involved in ranking, in accordance with ACCEA guidelines.