Further updates from the GDC - May 2021

DDAG publish EDI within dentistry: a profession-wide commitment 

The Diversity in Dentistry Action Group (DDAG) has published its co-created report, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within Dentistry. The report includes the following key principles for change that contributing partners have pledged to:

  • Working together to address inequalities and increase diversity in dentistry.
  • Ongoing improvement through constant enquiry, investigation and learning.
  • Creating a positive open learning culture across the profession and organisations which develops understanding and supports people to embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Exploring and developing opportunities for representation and inclusion.
  • Actively committing to addressing racism and discrimination.
  • Organisational commitment to change at all levels.
  • Embracing workforce diversity.

As a member of the DDAG network, we support these principles and the ambition to co-create a systematic approach for practical action to ensure that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are central to dental care and are part of core standards for all dental professionals.

Our EDI Strategy reflects this commitment and, as a member of the network, we will continue to be a champion of diversity, equality and inclusion inside our organisation, with the sector we regulate and with the public.

Direct-to-consumer orthodontics statement and supporting information

As you may have seen, we published an updated statement yesterday in relation to direct-to-consumer orthodontics, as well as supporting information for dental professionals and guidance for patients. 

For organisations and practices who would like to highlight the considerations patients should make before deciding on whether treatment is right and safe for them, we have also created a social media toolkit. This provides some images and suggested words that could help do this. If you would like to share this further, that would also be very welcome. You can find the toolkit on our website.