GDC -  Updated case management procedures to be introduced from 1 December

The Dental Professionals Hearings Service will be introducing updated case management procedures from 1 December 2023. These revised case management procedures aim to improve efficiency in the scheduling of hearings and use capacity more effectively by proactively managing the issues that often lead to delays.

The goal is to increase the number of hearings that proceed on time to lessen the impacts that delays and rescheduling can have on registrants, informants and witnesses by making it easier for all parties to understand the requirements. Improved case management will also mean more hearing days can be utilised by facilitating faster listing and fewer delays. 

These procedural updates are part of the our efforts to improve timeliness in the completion of hearings, and we are asking relevant stakeholders for their support and cooperation to ensure cases can proceed as scheduled, whenever possible.  

The procedures will also support improved efficacy by:

  • providing clear directions for all parties that will help ensure hearings are ready to proceed on time and fewer cases are adjourned or part heard
  • facilitating case management discussions and preliminary meetings to ensure the right number of days are scheduled for each hearing.

The case management procedures are published on the Dental Professionals Hearings Service website.