GDC budget and fees for 2022

GDC budget set for 2022 and no change to the ARF

At their meeting held yesterday, 21 October, Council made a number of important decisions about our budget, reserves policy and Annual Retention Fee (ARF) levels for 2022. They also approved our Costed Corporate Plan (CCP) for 2022-2024, which is in effect our workplan for the next three years.

In advance of the meeting, we published a blog from Terry Babbs, Council Member and Chair of the Finance and Performance Committee (FPC), who explained the context and what needs to be considered when setting our budget and the ARF. 

Ensuring patient safety and maintain public confidence

All these important financial decisions were made to enable us to effectively deliver our core purpose of ensuring patient safety and maintaining public confidence in the professions we regulate, and our strategic aims as set out in our corporate strategy.

We have published an online article summarising Council's decisions, and a blog from Gurvinder Soomal, Chief Operating Officer, providing further explanation on the broader role of GDC staff in delivering the budget and plan for 2022.

ARF levels to remain unchanged

Council has decided that ARF levels for all dental professionals will remain unchanged, at £680 for dentists and £114 for dental care professionals. ARF levels have been set in line with the principles we set out in our 2018 Fees Policy and were set for a period of three years, providing some certainty for registrants over this period.

Council approved an increase of 4.1% in the operating budget for 2022, and although this is an increase compared to this year’s budget, it is worth noting that 2021 was a stripped back budget due to the ongoing pandemic. The approved 2022 budget is 2.5% lower than the one we set for 2020, and we still remain in the three-year cost envelope identified at the start of this planning period.

Visit the GDC website for further details.