GDC Specialist List Consultation

GDC Specialist List Consultation

BSP Council discussed the GDC consultation document on the principles of specialist listing. The consultation, which runs until the 25th April, invites comment on fundamental issues related to the system of specialist listing:

  • revised purposes for specialist listing, setting out what the GDC expects listed specialties to fulfil, and criteria by which the GDC will determine which disciplines of dentistry should be listed
  • principles for the addition and removal of specialist lists
  • processes for maintaining accreditation on specialist lists.

If adopted by the GDC, following consultation, the revised principles and criteria would form the basis for the GDC to make policy decisions on specialist listing in the future.

Dr Mark Ide responded on behalf of the BSP and a full copy of the response can be viewed here: /userfiles/BSP-respondse-to-GDC-Specialist-Listing.pdf

We wish to remind members that they can respond as an individual to this consultation. For more information and to provide your views on the proposals, visit the GDC’s consultations webpage:

The GDC confirmed that they will consider all responses received and publish their response in June 2019. Their response will confirm when and how the new purposes and processes, subject to any amendments arising from this consultation, will be effective.