GDC Update - Preliminary Meeting Guidance published, and flexible listing to be introduced

Preliminary Meeting Guidance published

We have today published updated Preliminary Meeting Guidance, following a public consultation in 2021. Thank you to all those who engaged in the consultation, and provided views on the draft documents.

The Guidance has been updated to ensure preliminary meetings are used as an effective case management tool, committees are able to give direction as to the format of the hearing, and the directions given are able to narrow, refine, or resolve issues ahead of a full hearing.

We intend to continue to hold hearings remotely, in part or in full, especially interim order and review hearings where there are clear benefits in expediting proceedings, but we are keeping the matter under review.

Flexible listing for 'on paper' hearings

We will also be introducing flexible listing ‘on paper’ interim orders, interim order review and registration appeal hearings from 4 April 2022. Dental professionals do not attend these types of hearings, and there is no oral evidence provided.

These hearings will be listed by providing a ‘window’ of one week, rather than a specific date. Listing in this way will ensure any additional capacity in that week to be utilised effectively, making the most of the time panellists have available to progress cases.

Further details 

You will find further details about these changes in an online post from John Cullinane, Executive Director, Fitness to Practise, on how we are building capacity and improving timeliness in fitness to practise.