Gum Health Day 2019

Gum Health Day 2019 takes place on May 12, and this year’s campaign is based around the slogan “Healthy gums, beautiful smile”. The focus is on how healthy gums contribute not only to better oral and overall health, but also to good dental aesthetics, self-confidence, and improved quality of life.

Gum Health Day is an important initiative of the EFP to promote periodontal health worldwide. From a small start in 2014, this annual awareness day for periodontal health has become a global event with periodontal societies from across the world joining in. It is not just EFP-affiliated societies that are organising events. Other national societies of periodontology are also taking part, as happened on May 12 last year, when 41 societies took part – 29 of the EFP’s 30 affiliated societies plus 12 from Latin America.

Have a look at the latest video for Gum Health Day 2019 which has been released by the EFP. "Lighting up your smile" is a short animated video that graphically drives home the importance of looking after your gums:

All the materials are available via the Gum Health Day section of the EFP website.