Gum Health Day 2021

This year's campaign was a huge success, raising awareness of gum disease with the slogan, ‘Gum diseases are preventable’.and a simple call to action “Visit your dental team”.

In addition to the EFP resources, the BSP created a series of short videos to help explain some of the signs and symptoms for patients to look out for. This formed part of a larger Europe-wide promotional activity and was without doubt a much better result than that achieved in Eurovision this year!

We also invited our social media followers to take part in a lockdown challenge, by creating an image/short video to spread this important message. We had a fantastic response with many dental care professionals and dental practices sharing our resources with their patients and posting stories on Instagram about the importance of good oral health. Many created their own posters, artwork and videos to help promote this important initiative. 

We were extremely impressed with the entries for this year’s GHD lockdown challenge and that our entries came from as far as Brazil. Please visit the GHD page of our website, if you have not yet had the chance to view them: