Healthy Gums DO Matter!

As our members will know, we host the Healthy Gums DO Matter toolkit and resources on the Professionals page of our website.

The Healthy Gums Do Matter toolkit was developed by the Greater Manchester Local Dental Network (GM LDN), a group of general dental practitioners, patients, commissioners and specialists, in association with NHS England Greater Manchester dental commissioners, to help dental teams raise the standards of periodontal care management in primary care and bridge the gap between how periodontal care is currently delivered and how it should be. It distils specialist guidance on prevention and treatment into workable care pathways for NHS dental practices. 

Dr Shazad Saleem, Chair of the Perio Sub-group (GM LDN), has very kindly updated all the hyperlinks within the toolkit to ensure that it is compatible with the new BSP website. A few extra hyperlinks have also been added to the flowcharts on pages 83 and 99, to make it easier for practitioners to follow. In addition, the diagram on page 10 has been updated by Professor Iain Chapple, in line with the new evidence-based guidance on the different steps of periodontal therapy.

Visit the Professionals page of our website to view the following documents and helpful resources: 

1. The interactive electronic version of the second edition of the HGDM toolkit

2.  The Quick Reference Guide

3. The Patient Agreement   

4. The Patient Periodontal Leaflet & Consent Form