Latest updates from the GDC

View from the Chair: your feedback is important 

We’re consulting on three proposals for changes to guidance right now: scope of practice (closes 11 May), reporting matters to the GDC (closes 8 June), and indemnity and insurance (closes 20 June). Our Chair explains what they are, why feedback is important, and how long you have to respond

International regulation reforms: one month on

Rebecca Cooper, Associate Director Policy and Research, explores the immediate effects of international registration reforms, the impact on those looking to join the register, and our short and long term plans to modernise our legislative framework. 

New curricula published for dental speciality training

We’ve been working with the dental specialty advisory committees and other stakeholders to develop new curricula for dental specialty training. These have now been published for 12 of the 13 specialties. The updated curricula are more relevant to trainees, and will enable training programmes to better support them to succeed and achieve the highest standards.

The new curriculum will be in use by all new specialty trainees between September 2023 and September 2024, depending on the curricula implementation date.

You can view the specialty curricula on our website.

Dental Leadership Network focused on developing the whole dental team  

Building on the success of the first Dental Leadership Network held in November, last month the Network met for a second time, where leaders from across the profession met to discuss the challenges facing the dental sector.

The focus was on developing the whole dental team, with sessions which gave a voice to people from across the dental professional groups, producing some lively and productive discussions.

The next event is scheduled to take place on 6 July. If you are interested in joining the network or to find out more, please get in touch by email.  

Have your say on proposed new guidance on reporting matters to the GDC 

Recently we launched a consultation to seek views on our proposed Guidance on reporting matters to the GDC. The proposals do not introduce new requirements for dental professionals, but aim to  make it easier for them to find all relevant guidance and better equip them to understand and meet their legal and regulatory obligations.

Dental professionals need to report to us any concerns they may have about their, or another dental professional’s health, conduct, or performance that may risk patient safety or public confidence in the dental profession. They must also report any criminal or regulatory proceedings they may be subject to.

We want your views to inform the guidance we set, so we would like to encourage all stakeholders to review and respond to our consultation by 8 June.

Delay in publication of revised NHS fees and dental charges in Scotland  

NHS dental teams have been notified of a delay in the timetable for publishing revised fees and dental charges in Scotland. These were due to be confirmed in April 2023 but now await the transition to the new First Minister. Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Public Health and Sport, has confirmed that bridging payments will continue until 31 October 2023.

Dental commissioning delegated to Integrated Care Boards in England

Responsibility for commissioning dental services was delegated to Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) on 1 April 2023, along with pharmacy and general ophthalmic functions. Nine ICBs took on responsibility for one or more of these functions in July 2022, the remaining functions formally transferred to 35 ICBs  at the start of this month (although some regions will not actually transfer until July).

The move to a system-based approach aims to strengthen partnership working and improve services, and is underpinned by the NHS England operating framework.

Find out more about direct commissioning delegation from NHS England.