Latest Updates from the GDC

A view from the Chair: international registration takes a step forward and understanding of provisional registration starts to grow

Our Chair, Lord Toby Harris, describes the work underway to improve access to registration for those who qualify outside the UK, including our engagement with potential providers of the Overseas Registration Examination and stakeholders on provisional registration. He also sets out the plan to invite dental care professionals to provide working patterns data when renewal opens in June.

Transparency, trust and improving the fitness to practise process

Our Executive Director, Strategy, Stefan Czerniawski, provides an update on two important issues: the level of detail published from Interim Orders Committee hearings, and how we plan to report the cause of death of dental professionals where there is an active fitness to practise investigation.

These are complex and sensitive issues that speak to the need to support dental professionals, public interest in the investigations we undertake and trust in the regulatory system. You can find the full statement on our website.

Reach out if you need support or are affected by these issues.

Dental Leadership Network (DLN)

The first DLN event of 2024 took place on 14 March. Its theme was Maintaining an effective workforce fit for the future, and attendees came together to take organisational and collaborative responsibility for addressing the issues dentistry faces.

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive and Registrar at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, joined as a guest speaker, before presentations on dental laboratories, the GDC’s working patterns survey of dentists, and the DHSC consultation on provisional registration for internationally qualified dentists.

The next meeting of the DLN will take place in London on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

Revision of Standards for Education stakeholder workshops

We held two stakeholder feedback events in March on the revision of the GDC’s Standards for Education that we use to help monitor and quality assure education providers and the courses they provide.

We welcomed a range of individuals and organisations across the two days, including providers, students and membership associations, who discussed some key themes including admissions to dental education and training, assessment and monitoring, and support for students and trainees.

We’re grateful for our stakeholders’ input. Their feedback will play an important part in informing the public consultation on the revised Standards, which will open this year.  

Dentists' working patterns data published 

Dentists’ working patterns data is now available on our website, including information about how this data should be used. We now have a richer picture of where dentists work across the four nations of the UK, and a clearer sense of the balance between private and NHS practice and clinical and non-clinical roles and activities.

Some of the key highlights show that of the responding dentists:

  • 19% said they provided only private care, with no NHS, and a further 14% said they worked predominantly (over 75% of their time) in private care.
  • Only 15% of were fully NHS, with no private care, and a further 27% said they were predominantly (over 75% of their time) in NHS care.
  • 42% said they were working 30 hours/week or less.
  • 38% regularly work in more than one location.
  • 9% were working as specialists.

Find out more about dentists’ working patterns data.

Scottish Dental website launched 

Scottish Dental is Scotland’s national website for NHS dental care services and dental health information. The site has recently been revamped, with a new look and a new web address:

The website carries details on dental remuneration, clinical practice guidelines, national oral health improvement programmes, the latest PCAs from Scotland’s CDO, links to partner organisations including the GDC, and much more besides.