Management of teeth with endodontic-periodontal lesions: A vignette survey of specialist endodontists and periodontists

Dr. Ayman Al-Sibassi, from the University of Liverpool, would be extremely grateful if specialist periodontists could please complete his short survey below:


Dear Specialist Colleague,

Currently, there is no standardised protocol for managing EPL teeth. There are also no surveys of specialist endodontists and periodontists in the UK investigating preferred management strategies.

Within the sphere of specialist endodontists and periodontists, the aims of this survey are to gain a qualitative understanding of:

  • What diagnostic criteria are being used for EPL teeth;
  • What prognostic factors are being looked for;
  • How EPL teeth are currently managed.

To ensure reliable conclusions, we seek as many responses as possible from specialist endodontists and periodontists. Your voluntary participation is highly valued, and you can withdraw at any time before submitting your responses.

Ethical approval for this survey was given by the University of Liverpool ethics committee. All responses will be anonymised and published in a peer reviewed dental journal. Any data identifying you will be destroyed after collection. 

Should you have any queries regarding this research, please contact me at

Survey Link:

Your sincerely,

Dr Ayman Al-Sibassi