New rules and fees for international registration from 9 March 2024

New rules and fees for international registration from 9 March 2024

We will be introducing a new application processing fee for overseas-qualified dentists who want to sit the Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) from 9 March 2024. Applicants will be charged the new fee when applying to become an ORE candidate.

The fee will be paid by those applying to be added to the ORE candidate list. Those on the candidate list are eligible to book a place on the ORE.

The fee has been set at a level that covers the costs of processing applications in line with our fee setting policy. The processing of applications includes:

  • confirmation of relevant qualifications
  • review and confirmation of clinical experience references
  • confirmation of competence in the English language
  • review of any requests for reasonable adjustments when taking the ORE.

We will also be entering a transitional period for examination fees. These are charged when candidates book an ORE sitting. We will be holding examination fees at current levels until 31 December 2024 under the transitional arrangement to ensure we are being fair to candidates by providing sufficient notice of changes to fees.

Examination fees have been set to change on 1 January 2025 to:  

  • ORE Part 1 will be £584 (reduction of £225 or -28%)
  • ORE Part 2 will be £4,235 (increase of £1,306 or +45%)
  • retakes for medical emergencies will be £566 (increase of £266 or +32%).

Our procurement exercise for new ORE contracts is about to begin with early engagement with potential suppliers underway. We now have a new market and opportunities available to us as a result of the changes to our legislation, which removed the previous financial and supplier constraints on ORE procurement.

It may be necessary to further revise examination fees when new contracts are in place in 2025, to ensure that the revised fees align with new contract arrangements. The rates that have been set out for 1 January 2025 are based on recovery of current costs.

Since legislative changes were confirmed almost one year ago, we have:

  • established new rules for the registration of internationally-qualified dentists and dental care professionals
  • tripled the number of ORE Part 1 places
  • increased capacity in the ORE Part 2 by a third
  • gathered evidence from stakeholders to inform the future delivery of effective, robust and timely exams.

Public safety and confidence in dental professions remains our primary concern.

New rules for registration of internationally-qualified dentists and dental care professionals will come into effect from 9 March 2024. Changes to fees, and information about the transitional arrangements will be available on our website from that date.