Newcastle Double Award for Geoffrey Sharpe

Dr Geoffrey Sharpe, a Periodontics monospecialty trainee from the School of Dental Sciences, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has been awarded both the George Cross Fellowship (to support a visit to the postgraduate programme in Goteberg) and the Society's Research Grant for this year. He will be invited to receive his awards at a future Society meeting The Cross Fellowship and the Research Grant exist in order to further the education and career development of members of the BSP. The primary purpose of the former is to enable the winner(s) to travel to "centres of excellence" recognised by the Council of the Society, whilst the latter is to support periodontal research undertaken by a Specialist Trainee or junior member of a University Faculty. Both prizes are awarded annually. These awards are indicative of the Society's aim to promote periodontology and periodontal research within the UK and to support the career development of younger members of the Society. Further details are available here: