Professor Andreas Stavropoulos is new President of the EFP

Professor Andreas Stavropoulos (Malmö University, Sweden) is the new President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). The BSP wish to congratulate him on his appointment and look forward to working with him during his term.

He succeeds Professor Lior Shapira (Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem, Israel) at the top position of the EFP.

Professor Stavropoulos was born in Greece, where he studied dental technology and dentistry, before receiving postgraduate training in periodontology and implant dentistry at Aarhus University in Denmark. From the same University he later earned his PhD, mentored by the late Prof. Thorkild Karring, and his Dr. Odont. degree based on studies of guided-tissue regeneration and bone-substitute materials for treating advanced periodontal defects in combination with implants. After almost 16 years in Aarhus, he was recruited to Malmö as Professor of Periodontology.

He has won several awards for his research, authored many scientific publications, and is also a member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals, including Journal of Clinical Periodontology and Clinical Oral Implants Research, as well as acting as an ad hoc reviewer for several others.

In a message to EFP members, Prof. Stavropoulos said, “We should not let minor differences and special interests divide us – we should stay united and continue jointly working for the pan-European recognition of periodontology as a dental specialty, for the benefit of patients.”

He notes how the EFP is completing its clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of periodontitis and how it is now working on the guidelines for the treatment of peri-implant biological complications. “This was a major project, which was only possible due to very hard joint work of a dedicated group of experts from all around Europe and beyond,” he adds. “We’re convinced that these EFP S3-level clinical practice guidelines will have a positive impact on the health of patients across the globe.”

He also looks ahead to EuroPerio10,the global congress of periodontology par excellence”, which takes place on June 15-18 in his hometown of Copenhagen, where the periodontal community will finally be able to “meet again, enjoy the presentations and discussions, the scientific confrontations and debates.”

First in-person assembly in three years

The EFP’s General Assembly, held in Vienna on March 26, also elected Spyros Vassilopoulos (Greece) as a new member of the Executive Committee and future EFP President for 2025-26. Bettina Dannewitz (Germany) has become the new Chair of the Communications Committee, and Andreas Stavropoulos (Sweden) – in addition to his one-year Presidency – has become Chair of the Scientific Affairs Committee for the next three years. Current Secretary General, Professor Nicola West (UK) and Treasurer, Professor Monique Danser (Netherlands) were both confirmed in their posts for a second three-year term. Effective next year, Professor Nikos Donos (UK) will become Chair of the Postgraduate Education Committee, succeeding Professor Moshe Goldstein (Israel).

During the General Assembly, the members societies approved some major new initiatives, notably the launch of the donation campaign ‘Help Ukraine', in collaboration with the WHO Foundation, to deliver urgent healthcare to people in Ukraine and to refugees who have fled to other countries.

The EFP also announced the winners of its awards. The Eminence in Periodontology Award was given to Professor Iain Chapple (University of Birmingham, UK), former EFP Secretary General, Treasurer, and Chair of the Scientific Affairs Committee Chair. The Distinguished Scientist Award honoured Professor Henri Tenenbaum (University of Strasbourg, France), and the Distinguished Service Award was given to Professor Jörg Meyle (University of Giessen, Germany), former EFP President and Treasurer.