Recruitment for RADIANT STUDY

Dr Mark-Steven Howe is seeking assistance from BSP members with his PhD research project. He is looking to recruit dentists who mainly work in clinical practice across all levels of experience to see if there are any similarities or differences in their clinical decision-making processes.

The project is titled: Developing the Restorative Dental Risk AssessmeNt Tool (RADIANT)

This research aims to create and develop a practical, evidenced-based restorative dental risk assessment tool informed by input from clinical practitioners rather than the classical single speciality approach. The concept behind the new index is to objectively and accurately assess the risk of dental complications for the patient's whole mouth. This objective approach focuses on improving the accuracy and consensus between clinicians regarding diagnostic and prognostic decision-making from its current moderate levels. A robust risk assessment tool will also help develop treatment plans and provide a common reference point to improve risk communication between clinicians and their patients.

The participant would be invited to take part in a short semi-structured interview on Zoom, where Dr Howe would explore the experiences and processes clinicians use in their everyday practice regarding clinical decision-making. A continuing professional development credit will be provided to thank you for participating.

Anybody interested can contact Dr Howe by email and they will be sent the full Participant Information Sheet and consent forms.: