Thank you to our 2021 Partner Sponsors

As a charity, we rely on funding from organisations to enable us to succeed in our aim to advance all aspects of periodontology and dental implantology and promote the importance of gum health to dental/medical professionals, undergraduate students, patients and the public.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our 2021 Partner Sponsors who have provided the Society with funding to support many of our planned activities this year. Their help and support has enabled us to achieve our strategic aims and objectives to benefit and support our members, the wider dental profession, patients and the public.

In recognition of their financial support to help us achieve our strategic aims, we allow our Partner Sponsors logos to be added to our website and newsletters. In addition, if they sponsor educational webinars or provide support for initiatives of public benefit, we may also add their company logos to educational resources to acknowledge their contribution. At all times, BSP Council follow health care compliance regulations.

We are extremely grateful to Acteon, Dürr Dental, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and Oral-B for their support. You can find out more about our Partner Sponsors by clicking their link below: