The John Zamet Memorial Prize in Periodontal Research

Offered in association with the Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust


The John Zamet Memorial Prize has been established to recognise and commemorate the significant contribution made to clinical periodontology by the late Dr John Zamet.

Dr Zamet was an Honorary Consultant and Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute, a Past President and Honorary Member of the British Society of Periodontology and the founder Chairman and a Trustee of the Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust.


Applications are open to all UK-based postgraduate dental students studying for a Masters degree or PhD who are undertaking or who have recently completed original research associated with clinical periodontology. 

The prize will be awarded annually with a value of £1,000. 

Applicants should submit a covering letter and an abstract not exceeding 1000 words which should, at least, cover the following areas:

  1. Background to project 
  2. Aims
  3. Methods
  4. Relevance to clinical periodontology
  5. Start and completion dates (estimated completion date will suffice if ongoing)


Three paper copies of the application should be submitted by 31st December 2013 to:        

Professor Andrew Eder
Chairman, The Alpha Omega London Charitable Trust
2nd floor, 57a Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YP

And also sent electronically via email to:

The applicant must also submit a letter of support from their research supervisor confirming their supervision of the project.

The submission will be considered by a panel of at least two Specialists in Periodontology of Professorial/Consultant status whose decision is final.

The successful applicant would normally be invited to present the results and/or clinical implications of the research at a meeting of the Alpha Omega London Chapter.