Wound Healing Study Day

Wound healing and tissue remodelling play a pivotal role in almost all areas of dentistry from periodontal disease and maxillofacial surgery, to implantology and dentinal repair following pulpal injury.

This study day is designed for clinicians and scientists to explain how advances in the understanding in tissue repair and remodelling in these systems is being used to develop a new generation of therapeutic agents for clinical use.

The study day will bring together world experts from laboratory science and clinical dentistry. Together, they will describe the scientific basis control of regeneration in soft and hard tissues following injury and disease and (in the clinical areas of periodontology, oral & maxillofacial surgery and implantology & wound healing) how this knowledge informs the development of current and novel therapies to stimulate healing / regeneration in patients.

The study day will be delivered via a series of lectures and an interactive workshop. The course will be of use, and interest, to individuals from all branches of dentistry including those in practice. It will be especially useful for those with an interest in implantology and grafting and to those preparing for MFDS, as well as those from a laboratory science and tissue engineering background.

To book your place on this Study Day please download the application form from this email or visit www.rcseng.ac.uk/fds/courses/fds Alternatively call the office on 020 7869 6815 / 6814 / 6817 or email FDSeducation@rcseng.ac.uk for further information.