4 Steps to improving your gum health

The BSP has produced a lay flowchart for the public and patients, which conveys the importance of gum health in a simplified, informative way. We want patients to empower themselves with evidence-based information to both take responsibility for aspects of their disease management and know that they are being offered is appropriate, contemporary, evidence-based treatment. The flowchart encourages the patient to take ownership of their disease and highlights the ways they can do this.

It was extremely important to the BSP to involve patients, who could present their important viewpoints when considering the latest European guidelines for treating gum disease. In addition to being involved in workshops, members of the BSP Patient Forum were also involved in the process of creating the lay flowchart.

“As a member of the Patient Forum I was delighted to be asked to give feedback on a flow chart about the prevention and treatment of gum disease for patients. I think it is  clearly written, informative and attractive. I fed back a few comments which were incorporated into the final version proving that our patient voice is heard, which makes it so worthwhile!”

Our objectives in creating this resource for patients and the public include:

  • Help the public understand what gum disease is
  • Raise awareness that bleeding gums are not normal, and to encourage regular dental visits to help prevent and manage gingivitis 
  • Raise awareness of how you can look after your gums and maintain good oral health
  • Reduce the stigma associated with gum disease (as highlighted in “The Sound of Periodontitis” video) by identifying the many causes including smoking, diabetes etc. 
  • Highlight that more can be done to aid gum health in addition to brushing your teeth

The flowchart is free to download and available as a mobile friendly or printable version: