Gum Health for a Better Life

Periodontitis is the 6th most prevalent disease throughout the world and significantly linked to general well-being and longevity. It is often ‘silent’ and can be present for decades without diagnosis and treatment.

We work very closely with a huge number of professionals and organisations to promote better understanding of periodontitis, its impact on patients and its links with systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart issues. However, it is really important that we engage with the public and highlight news, changes and updates to dental care to help prevent and treat periodontitis. ‘Perio for a better life’ is the name of our campaign to help promote greater understanding and awareness.

We have produced a patient guideline to help advise you on the best way to prevent periodontitis for you and your family.

If you have any cause for concern, your first port of call should always be your dentist who will help and advise you, referring you to a periodontist if necessary.

Useful information

Patient information leaflet: download

International Perio Awareness Campaign - Gum Health Day
There is a public awareness day each year, on the 12th May, to raise awareness about periodontitis.  Visit our Patient pages for more information about some of our Gum Health Day campaigns..

The Sound of Periodontitis – Periodontal disease is explained very well by watching this short film, highlighting the human side of the disease through the stories of patients who generously gave up their time to talk about their experiences. View film. Thanks to: Angela Chatterton, John Phillips and Julian and Pam Ekiert. 

EFP Prevention Workshop – Dentists got together to discuss and evaluate the effects of gum disease. Downloads from this workshop can be found on our Publications page. There is a special document prepared for patients - which you can find here.