BSP Webinars - 2017 World Workshop Classification System

The British Society of Periodontology set up a working group of specialists and general practitioners to review the 2017 Classification of Periodontal Diseases that was announced at EuroPerio 8. They worked tirelessly to look at the process of implementation of the 2017 classification for the UK, to produce something that is workable and practical in UK general and specialist practice. The BSP implementation document was published in the British Dental Journal in January. The paper described the salient points of the 2017 classification, rationalised the differences between the 2017 and 1999 classifications, provided BSP management guidelines and an illustrative case study.

In addition, the BSP created a decision-making flowchart (algorithm) to help practitioners to adapt to the new classification. This document will be essential for all practitioners and Periodontists in guiding them through the decision-making process to arrive at the correct diagnosis for their patients.

The BSP also planned and hosted a series of webinars to promote the 2017 classification systems on the BSP website. The series, scheduled from October 2018 to February 2019, was made free of charge and available for everyone to access. Please view the webinars below.